Company Profile


Theresa Mutual Insurance Company was organized on January 7, 1879 at the Rock River House in Theresa, WI. It commenced business on January 17, 1879, under the name of Theresa Mutual Fire Insurance Company. The original office was in the back of a building located at the corner of Hwy 175 and Hwy 28 which has since been torn down. In 1964, an office was built at 109 W. Rock River Street. The name of the company was changed from Theresa Mutual Fire Insurance Company to Theresa Mutual Insurance Company in 1996. A new 1600 sq. ft. office building was constructed in 2009 on property owned by Theresa Mutual next door at 107 W. Rock River Street.

Our Philosophy

"Neighbor helping Neighbor"

It's an idea as old as civilization itself and is the concept behind Theresa Mutual Insurance Company. We believe that the "neighbor helping neighbor" policy is what has kept the company in existence since 1879. We offer insurance coverages for farms, homes, mobile homes, rental dwellings, tenants, and small businesses. Auto insurance through 1st Auto & Casualty offers a discount for a supporting policy.

Financial Strength

As of December 31st, 2015, 136 years after the organization of the company, Theresa Mutual has 1,234 policies. The total insurance in force includes $332,069,580 for Fire Coverage; $416,300,000 for Liability; and $3,010,476 for Special Property. The total surplus for the company is $4,396,424.

Theresa Mutual is reinsured through Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation.

Company Structure

Theresa Mutual Insurance Company is a "mutual" insurance company in which the company is owned by the policyholders. Members of the Board of Directors are elected to 3 year terms by the policyholders at the company's annual meeting on the first Saturday in March. Since they are local farmers, homeowners, and business owners, they run the company with your best interests in mind.

Office Building 1964-2009

Office Building 2009-present